Adding APIMATIC SDKs To My Master Stack And Including In Each APIs.json

Machine readable Swagger definitions have always been default for all my APIs, and including it in my APIs.json index is a must. A while back I also started including links to my Postman collections I had generated using my Swagger definitions. You never know when someone would rather have a Postman collection to get going over Swagger, or Swagger UI. 

I'm going through my master API stack and doing some final adjustments to each API, and while I'm working through each of them I'm also generating SDKs using APIMATIC. It is easy to generate a PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, CSharp, Angular, Node.js, IoS, and Android SDK from my Swagger definitions, then upload to each API repository.

To make sure the SDKs I've generated are easily found by developers I've included a link to the code page in the APIs.json file for each API. I'm playing around with also adding a machine readable reference, along with the human consumable link to the code page. I'd like to see a link to code page, and machine readable index of all SDKs, default for all APIs.

I only have SDKs published for my "API API", but will be working thorugh the other 24 APIs as I have time. I have some more work to do on this API, before I move on to the next API in my stack--the Audio API.