This represents my current stream of consiousness in the API space, based upon what I'm actually hacking on, as I craft stories for the API Evangelist network.

Playing With Different Subway Journey Experiences For My API Life Cycle Explorer

Playing With A JSON Representation For The Plans For Many Of The Leading APIs

Adding A New Alpha Endpoint To Tell Me How Big My API Endpoints Are

Adding A New Alpha Endpoint To Explode API OADF Into Separate Files For Each Unique Endpoint

A Minimum Viable Existence For Four Of My New APIs

Finally At Point Where I Can Add New APIs To My Stack

Adding A Credit Layer To My Existing API Service Composition

My API Service Composition Tiers

Adding APIMATIC SDKs To My Master Stack And Including In Each APIs.json

Adding API Science Monitors To My Master Stack And Including In Each APIs.json

Going As Static As Possible Across All Of My API Research

Including Postman Collections In My APIs.json Files





Making My 3Scale API Management Portable With A Containerized Micro-Services

Aspiring To Be A Network Of Loosely Coupled Gitnodes Over Being An Organization of Github Repos

The Alpha API Evangelist Workbench

What Is Missing On My Microservices Using APIs.json

Using Swagger As Fingerprint For My Microservice Docker Containers

Using APIs.json For My Microservice Navigation And Discovery

How Much API Surface Area Before It Stops Being Micro?

My Experiences Generating API Server or Client Code Using Swagger

Using Containers To Bridge What Swagger Cannot Define On The Server-Side For My APIs

Use APIs.json To Organize My Swagger Defined APIs Running In Docker Containers

Swagger 2.0 For The Docker API