Playing With Different Subway Journey Experiences For My API Life Cycle Explorer

I am working with 921 building blocks across 151 areas in almost 35 separate "lines", as part of my API life cycle work--something I am using a subway map analogy to explore. In my head, I can see a real-time, interactive API life cycle map, but is proving to be something that is elusive when it comes to bringing out as an actual usable interface.

To help me realize my vision I have been playing around with different prototypes. The other weekend I crafted a JavaScript subway map experience that would allow you to navigate all 921 stops along my proposed life cycle. As I was designing the UI, I realized I would need a more robust API to deliver the rich experience I envisioned, resulting in me crafting a Siren representation of my API building blocks API

While I like first iteration of my subway experience, it was pretty unwieldy, and wasn't responsive, in alignment with the rest of the UI for the API Evangelist network. I will still use the Siren API I crafted, but I am looking for a more static, Jekyll driven API subway map experience. Meaning I want each page you land on to work on mobile, table, and the web, but also allow you to easily navigate each line of my API life cycle, and experience each area, and stop along the journey.

I'm going to set aside a copy of this prototype, in case I want to pick up and further polish in the future. Next, I am looking to take the experience I was able to deliver using the Siren media type, but render as a more static, Github Pages + Jekyll friendly version of the journey I'm envisioning. This is all a work in progress, and I hope I can produce a coherent version of the API life cycle journey I envision in my head.