Adding A New Alpha Endpoint To Tell Me How Big My API Endpoints Are

I've spent a lot of time this year, breaking up earlier versions of my APIs, into smaller, more "micro" services. As I evolve these APIs, I'm wanting to better understand how they grow, and increase in size. To help me understand how my stack of APIs are growing, I added a new alpha endpoint to my API API, that allows me to quantify the size of an collections of APIs I want.

To use the new API endpoint, I pass in the URL of an APIs.json file, and the API will iterate through all APIs present, and indexed OADF files. It returns counts for the following areas:

It is a pretty basic concept, and I'm not entirely sure what the counts ultimately mean, but it is a starting point for me to begin thinking about the scope of my API surface area, and eventually visualizing. At first glance, I can imagine too many paths acting as a warning for overall size for some APIs, while the lack of responses, could mean I should spending more time defining what the API returns.

The how big is my API endpoint is just one of many utility APIs I am crafting that use APIs.json file to build a better awareness the APIs that exist within its index. My goal is to craft a whole suite of APis that can be used at any stage of the API life-cycle, to streamline operations, and ensure things are running as smooth as possible.