What Is Missing On My Microservices Using APIs.json

I'm using APIs.json to organize my swagger defined microservices running in docker containers, and using the machine readable API index to drive navigation between microservices organized in a single collection. APIs.json provides a simple, machine readable way to index the technology, business, and political elements of each microservice I deploy.

As I was auditing the 18+ microservices I’ve setup for my core operations, I wanted to audit each one, and make sure I had included various elements in each APIs definition, like where developers can onboard, terms of service, and where to find related code samples. To accomplish this, I was able to just compare each microservice APIs.json, with a master APIs.json template I had established while planning my original microservice stack. 

Sometimes it is just as important to know what is missing, right alongside what is available for all of my microservices, and APIs.json is proving to be a simple way of understanding this layer of my API operation at scale.